six years of excellence: honoring Jason McNally, the heart and soul of Loan Pronto

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As we celebrate our six years as a company, it seems only right that we shine the spotlight on Jason McNally, who has played such an integral part in shaping our company from the beginning and getting us to where we are today. Jay was the first-ever Loan Pronto employee and Account Manager. From there, he grew our Account Manager team and became our Operations Manager.

Jay spearheaded our implementation of Shape as our CRM system and continues to oversee all of our technological systems. Additionally, Jay played a crucial role in facilitating our transition to correspondent lending. He organized the transition and set up our office today, designing it in a way that showcases our Loan Pronto brand. From designing our LP merch, helping with compliance, and organizing company-wide events, Jay is the definition of a Swiss Army Knife.

As an avid golfer himself, Jay organizes and hosts our annual Buddy Classic golf tournament every year, raising money for charity. Jay has had the ability to positively impact our whole team here at Loan Pronto. He even officiated the wedding between two of our employees, Max and Caroline. To be honest, there really isn’t anything Jay can’t do. There are not enough words to emphasize the importance and impact that Jay has had on our team and business, and how much we appreciate all the hard work and dedication that he has contributed throughout the years.

Here is what our team has to say about Jay:


“Jay truly is the heart (and brain) of this company! LP wouldn’t function without his hard work day in and day out. From tech problems, to improving operations, or even to just help out with something totally out of his job description, you can always count on him. Jay is not only an employee of LP but a leader and friend to everyone in and out of the office.”Blaire Reynolds

“Jay is an exceptionally kind and understanding leader, who is ready to support each new and established employee at Loan Pronto. He is quick to find a solution, whether that be for a technological problem in the office or a home repair issue outside of the office. He is always happy to lend a hand without asking for anything in return. He really is the best boss one could ask for.” – Kara Hines

“Jay is the definition of a “jack-of-all-trades”, or should I say “Jay-of-all-trades” Need an IT guy? Jay. Need a laugh? Jay. Need a shirt? Jay, he’d literally give one off his back. We are so lucky to have Jay as part of Loan Pronto!” – Courtney Cherry

“Jay is the best! He is always willing to help out wherever he is needed and answers my constant barrage of questions without hesitation. Nothing would run as smoothly as it does without him.” – Kelsey Carpenter

“Jay is just one of those people you can always feel comfortable relying on. No task ever seems too big and he will always approach it with joy and enthusiasm.” – Vance Hagan

“Our company wouldn’t be half of what it is today without Jay’s leadership and guidance. He is one of the most easy going yet hard working and genuine people I know.” – James Adams

“Jay is the glue that holds Loan Pronto together. Within seconds of asking for any assistance he helps or guides in the right direction. Without him as our operations guru we would be lost every day.” – EJ Young

“Jay always makes everyone in the office feel included and valued. From starting at Loan Pronto, you always know that you can look up and find comfort in working with Jay.– Kelsey Owen

“Jay is the glue that holds us all together. His ability to step in at any given second, no matter the task, is a true testament to his leadership here at Loan Pronto!” – Katie Upton

“I’d trust Jay with my life. He’s also one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. Jay is the silent yet driving force behind the operational successes of Loan Pronto.” – Harry Carwile

We want to extend a sincere thank you to Jay for his exceptional leadership, unwavering commitment, and countless contributions to Loan Pronto. Your influence has been truly transformative, and we deeply appreciate the impact you’ve had on our team.


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