01. / income

Self-employed borrowers require last 2 years of personal and business taxes returns, K1s 1099w and/or W2s.

Salaried borrowers just require last year’s W2 and 2 paystubs.

Pay stubs covering the last 30 days.

02. / assets

Previous 60-day statements for checking and savings accounts.

401k (in certain circumstances, additional assets may be required).

For gift funds make sure you let us know ahead of time and we’ll provide you a gift letter for the donor to sign.

For new purchases, we’ll need two months of statements for the account(s) you intend to use for the down payment.

03. / proof of insurance

Proof of homeowner’s insurance to update lender information and ensure you have adequate insurance.

For new home purchases, you’ll need to contact an insurance agent and provide them with details on the home you are purchasing. Based upon property tax records, they can issue a policy. In some cases they may need need a copy of your appraisal from us.

04. / identification

The Patriot Act requires that we obtain a copy of your state issued ID or passport.

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