6 Tips For Buying A Home In 2020!

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If you are looking to purchase a home in 2020, here are 6 tips to help you through the process!

With demand at an all-time high and little to no houses available, this process can be extremely stressful. There are so many small details that go into purchasing a dream home, so keep the trust in your realtor, monitor your credit score and spending habits, and be prepared for that sticker shock!! Cities like Charlotte, NC are experience an all-time low for mortgage rates so refinancing and purchasing this year is smart!

Prepare For Sticker Shock

  • Home prices have surpassed all time highs in many parts of the US, including NC, SC, VA, TN, FL, OH, CA, CO, and MD
  • Most of the time, you will be paying more than the estimate for the property due to limited inventory and strong demand
  • Be prepared to spend more than anticipated!
  • It is important to focus on neighborhoods you can afford. For example, renting in the Cotswold, Plaza Midwood, Noda areas can be affordable but buying in those areas could mean putting up some serious cash. Being more open to different areas can increase the number of houses you can afford!

Get Pre-Approved Early

  • Get pre-approved, and make sure you get a second opinion!
  • This will show you how much you can afford to spend on a home
  • Getting pre-approved early will also allow you to see what you qualify for 

Check Your Credit Score

  • Check your credit scores and determine if anything needs to be addressed
  • Credit score changes happen over time – so start now!
  • Pump the breaks on spending – give yourself some extra money for closing cost, down payments, renovations costs
  • Typically, mortgage lenders will increase the cost of your mortgage for every risk associated with your credit profile
  • The lower your credit score, the higher the mortgage payment

Negotiate With The Seller

  • Negotiate and inspect the house!
  • Inspections are key to help with the cost of the house – it will address things right then
  • If anything comes back in the inspection – they can either fix it or you can negotiate a lower cost
  • It is important to have trust in your realtor at this stage, and every stage, to help negotiate costs and to have certain things completed before closing

Do Your Mortgage Homework

  • Often real estate agents recommend lenders who you should go with, but make sure you at least look at a couple options to make sure you are getting the absolute best deal.  Always remember, Loan Pronto has ZERO lender fees!
  • Think about how you want to structure the mortgage – including down payment, loan type, and program

Expect A Good Mortgage Rate

  • Interest rates are at a low in 2020
  • Shop around so you get the best interest rate
  • Don’t settle for what is in front of you – negotiate and ask for more!
  • Right now, in Charlotte, NC, the mortgage rates are low! For example, a 30-year fixed mortgage rate is 3.6-3.7% and a 15-year fixed mortgage rate is 3.12-3.19%. These rates are also very similar to rates in Tennessee and Virginia.

​Your Mortgage

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